Nemo's Mysterious Formula - VR Escape Room

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The Story

As you explore this mysterious submarine, you hear the creeking of the metal panels being squeezed and pressed by the immense pressure of the ocean above.

The copper and rust laden interior of this enormous submarine hides within it a secret, but what could it be? What did captain Nemo find that made him want to hide and protect it so much? 

You and your group of adventerous friends will dive thousands of leagues under the sea and try to uncover the mystery that is Nemo’s Formula. Challenging puzzles and head scratching challenges await as you will work together with your friends in a mission that promises to be packed full of action, cooperation, and discovery.

How much does it cost?

Prices and discounts

Player countPer playerTotal costHead to head?
×2150300No, everyone's together
×3130390No, everyone's together
×4120480No, everyone's together
×5110550Yes, 2 vs 3
×6100600Yes, 3 vs 3
×795665Yes, 4 vs 3
×890720Yes, 4 vs 4
×9100900Yes, 3 vs 3 vs 3
×101001000Yes, 4 vs 3 vs 3
×11951050Yes, 4 vs 4 vs 3
×12901080Yes, 4 vs 4 vs 4

10% discounts are available for soldiers, new immigrants (olim chadashim), students, national service members, and employees of other escape rooms.

The virtual reality escape rooms are designed for 2-4 participants, if you come as a group of more than 4 participants the experience will be a competition between the groups, we will divide you into two or three groups in different rooms depending on the number of participants.

Children 13 and under may not enter without an adult.

Due to the size and weight of the headset, children under the age 10 will not be able to participate. 

In addition, the mask comes in contact with your face, so we ask that you avoid coming with makeup because it will spread easily.

Any headwear that is bulky (such as hats, or large headkerchiefs will not allow the masks to be worn, please take this into account before booking with us.

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