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The Story

England, the end of the 60s. It’s a time of rock-n-roll music blossom when it became a symbol of the young generation’s freedom. Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and many others become idols. But the conservative government considers their music as an enemy and threat. As governments forbid to play it on every single radio station young men face more and more difficulties with listening to their favorite music.

But it’s not so easy to stop the freedom movement that is rising in young hearts. More and more pirate radio stations appear throughout the whole country for whom music is above everything. The most popular one is “On Air” and the police do their best in order to close it once and forever. And they reached their goal. A month has passed already since rock-n-roll disappeared from the radio. But the real fans believe that someone will come and bring the quality music back.

How much does it cost?

Prices and discounts

Number of PlayersPer PlayerGame Fee

10% discounts are available for soldiers, new immigrants (olim chadashim), students, national service members, and employees of other escape rooms.

“On Air” is designed for 2-8 participants, for optimal experience we recommend a group size within this range, but we can accomodate 1-2 additional individuals. Just bare in mind that it may have an impact on the experience.

Children 9 and under (including 9) enter free and are not counted in the number of players.

Children 13 and under may not enter without an adult.

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